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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bubble in a Bubble!

Here's another trick with soap bubbles - you can actually blow one bubble inside of another! For this trick, make sure to use bubble solution with glycerin or corn syrup added (from "Start Blowing! on September 1, 2009). Either of these substances makes longer-lasting and stronger bubbles because it slows down the evaporation of water from the bubbles.

Blowing a bubble inside another one is tricky, and you may need to practice. To do this, you'll need bubble solution, a drinking straw, and a small juice glass. Make the outer bubble first. Dip the rim of the juice glass in the bubble solution. You should see a sheet of soap film stretched across the top. Set the glass down. Dip one end of the drinking straw into the soap solution. Blow gently through it, and slowly push it through the soap film. You will make a bubble on top of the glass. Dip the straw again. This time, push it through the wall of the bubble while blowing. If you're careful enough, the outer bubble won't break, and you'll see the end of the straw inside the bubble! Blow a little harder, and you should be able to make a smaller bubble in the outer one. Pretty cool!

Once you get good a blowing bubbles-in-bubbles this way, try blowing more than one. Or, try blowing the outer bubble without the juice glass. Make a large bubble with the straw or other type of blower. Catch that bubble with the blower and make the inner bubble with the drinking straw as you did before. Can you invent any other bubble tricks? If you do, let Dr. B know, and she will post your ideas!

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